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Clinical Massage

Uniquely tailored to your body's needs 01932 784895/ 07514105758

Massage Techniques


This aims to release chronic patterns of pain or muscle tension in the body by using slow strokes or deep finger pressure on the contracted area.This helps to free up the area and increases mobility. Especially helpful for chronic conditions such as lower back pain,shoulder pain and stiff neck.


Holistic comes from the Greek word "Holos"meaning "whole"

This aims to restore balance within the body taking into account the person's whole being, not just the physical symptoms.

Hands are used in a combination of movements, to manipulate the soft tissue of the body for relaxation, stimulation and rehabilitation.


This aims to move clients out of chronic pain in 1-6 sessions. Using a combination of Trigger point Therapy, Amma Fusion Techniques (similar to acupuncture but uses the firm gentle pressure of the hands) Myofascial release techniques (unwinding and gently stretching the connective tissue with a light touch), and passive stretching.

Each treatment uses a combination of some of these techniques. It is uniquely tailored to your body's needs. If you would prefer one style of massage please ask.

If you require further information please contact me and I will endeavour to help.